Pet Consumer Economy

According to the "Pet supplies and service industry market research and investment forecasts analysis report," The data show that as China's living standards continue to improve and the size of the family has become more and more urban life, pet consumption in China has also come into scale, while showing great potential. 

Domestic Pet supplies and services market has entered a period of rapid development. The demand for large-scale pet services is growing and the demand for investment is relatively strong. In recent years, China's urban and rural residents of the number of cats and dogs, pet hospitals, pet shops and pet salons and other pet-related industries have also been rapid development. Pet Supplies first passion for pet products at present, China's entire pet industry chain's annual output value of about 20 billion yuan, the annual growth rate of more than 30%, accounting for the world's 60% share, this is mainly because of China's pet industry industry chain. It is expected that by 2010, China's entire pet industry chain will reach an annual output value of 40 billion yuan. 

Pet consumption around the world is rising sharply, with global pet consumption valued at $110 billion trillion, while Asian markets are considered the most promising, and China has an important share of the Asian pet market. China currently has at least 200 million pets (article), the pet economy's market potential also reached 35 billion yuan. Some experts have predicted the development of pet markets in China, which is expected to exceed 48 billion yuan by 2012, only China's pet food and pet products market.