How To Run Pet Stores

First step: Early stage input The biggest expense of upfront investment is the store rent, and the other is the purchase. This depends on the individual financial situation, the storefront area can be small, the quantity can be much less.

Step Two: Site selection Site selection is the key. 

It is best to open the store in the pet market, and then understand the neighborhood occupancy rate, whether there are more "good dog good cat", can become your target customers, by observing the customer's pet grade, to determine their own small shop to provide the grade of goods. In addition, to avoid the commercial bustling area pet stores customers are very special cats and dogs and other pets, so the best place to avoid commercial busy areas, do not choose the need for high rents of shops. Because the country has the corresponding laws and regulations, the pet is not allowed to enter the bustling business district.

Step Three: Purchase

Goods must be whole, from the pang of cages, care supplies, animal food rations, such as cat and dog dogs with dog baskets, collar skin set to ornamental fish with gravel water, shell fish food and so on, there are a wide range of pet can and dry rations.

Step Fourth: How to Manage After the opening of the pet store, the shopkeeper and the customer need a period of running-in. So in the first 3 months, basically only the continuous input has no output; if it goes well, 3 "will be able to make ends meet after 6 months." If you hire employees, require each employee to have a pet experience, can provide customers with a certain amount of consulting services in addition, the training of employees is very important. First of all to identify the variety of pet. The general customer to bring the dog, the staff can recognize the variety can enhance the customer's heart to the store's identity, intimacy.

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