Fashion Dog Collar Description

Today's little series for everyone to sell a simple, ah no, introduction, is introduced several collars:
1, belt-like leather dog collar
Advantages: Wear on the neck of the dog can be very attached, the dog should also feel very comfortable.
Disadvantage: Because the area of contact with the dog neck is larger, for hair easily knotted dog, easy to cause the dog's neck local fur adhesion.

2, columnar leather dog collar
Advantages: Overcome the belt-like leather collar disadvantage, because the dog collar in the dog's neck contact area is small, and can roll, so it is not easy to cause hair adhesion.
Disadvantage: Also because the contact area is small, when you pull the dog forcibly, the dog will not feel very comfortable.

3. Nylon-Textured dog collar
Advantages: Nylon Dog collar material is lighter, not like some of the cortex is heavy, wear the dog's neck feel heavy. The color is bright, there are many very beautiful styles. Another advantage is that it's easy to clean it.
Disadvantage: Because it is nylon, it is easy to be static when the dog is wearing it. And, in order to strengthen the degree of solidity, it is usually thicker. In addition, this nylon is usually made of coarse nylon wire, easy to Jamal and hang silk.

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