Professional knowledge of a pet shop

Now Pet Shop gradually more up, pet shop decoration also good-looking, it is because of the increase in pets, just drive the increase in the Pet shop façade. Many just pet friends have their own investment projects aimed at the pet shop, then we open a pet shop when the need for professional knowledge. The following pet pets introduce the professional knowledge needed to open a pet shop.

For those who want to enter this occupation, Pet Beauty school professionals advocate less capital to $number million, operating area of thirty or forty square meters can be. The location bar is chosen in noisy, less affected locations.

Now have to launch a certificate, open a pet shop is no exception. Now pet rearing has gone out of the "eat Not hungry" in the primary period, how to target the dog's sex, variety of different domesticated, so that the female both beautiful and litter rate high, the male is both mighty and face, how to dispose of the pet's loneliness is an hour to face the problem of disposal. Professional advocates, the first to take out 10,000 yuan, to Beijing, Shanghai and other places training for one months, access to "pet beautician" *.

In addition to nutritional supplements, but also to have a special beauty project, and therefore, to take out 10,000 yuan to contribute to pet beauty equipment: Bath pool, 1 electric shears and 5 knives, three or four beauty scissors blowing water machine, hair dryer, water heater and so on, 20,000 yuan for the purchase, in pet supplies touched on the eating, washing, play, live, and so on, 10,000 yuan for food containing nutrients, 5000 yuan to buy toiletries, 5000 German with some other kinds of goods.