Pet Market Status

In recent years, the pet market is getting hotter. Many people may find that the pet food store nearby, pet Beauty shop in a few years to increase a lot, even supermarket pet food shelves from the original one shelf, expanded into a row of shelves, small supermarkets around the neighborhood unexpectedly also added a pet food supplies shelves. Pets around the neighborhood and friends more and more, major mainstream sites have opened up a pet forum, everywhere can be exposed to all kinds of information about pets, pets have become a part of the lives of many urban residents.

Indeed, with the improvement of people's living standards, China's pet market began to enter a period of vigorous development. According to the relevant information: pet dogs, for example, Beijing is currently , and is still growing at a rate of 8% a year, Shanghai has about 700,000, the annual cost of pets are up to 600 million yuan. According to rough estimates, the national pet dog only has about 30 million of the total. This also makes the pet related industry has been greatly developed. And the people to eat as the day, but also, the pet market peripheral consumption is mainly concentrated in pet food consumption. Therefore, China's pet food market has become a major domestic and foreign food production enterprises will contend with the feng Shui treasure.