Pet industry

At present, China's pet industry's annual output value of about 20 billion yuan, the annual growth rate of more than 30%, accounting for the world's 60% share, this is mainly because of the Chinese pet industry chain of complete. By 2010, the pet industry is expected to achieve an annual output of 40 billion yuan.

But now the pet market because of some other factors, the situation is very confusing, now the Pet Hospital is everywhere Luo que, even in the community there are many stores, which can be seen in this industry profiteering, everyone rushed to rob. It is because of these people's existence, today's pet Hospital is very messy, on the above said, big and small mixed, if not careful search, may be in the know Bad Pet Hospital, affect the best period of pet treatment.

In order not to allow such institutions to disrupt the market, so the relevant departments to take measures to strictly review the way, but also a stable pet market environment. This is not the first two days in some places to seize a lot of the hospital, because the unlicensed opening, but also operating some without state approval of the project, so the seizure.

In order to better develop the pet industry, the relevant departments of the State require that every pet hospital registered after the state must have a registered veterinary surgeon or assistant, so as not only to ensure that the hospital's normal sex to ensure the safety of pets, so the relevant departments will take stringent measures to implement this policy.