Pet food

To help puppies buy clothes, may not be specific brand requirements, looking comfortable to buy. But the pet food market is different from pet goods market, the consumer is very high to the brand cognition. Therefore, the pet food production Enterprise has played the brand battle. Behind the brand competition, we see is the big production enterprises in order to compete in China's pet food market profit of infighting. 

The first to enter the market is the foreign professional pet food manufacturers, the market has everyone more familiar with the "Royal France" and other old pet food. Subsequently, multinational companies, especially the traditional food production enterprises, also entered the field: The Transnational corporation Mars, its name has "Treasure Road", "Wei Jia", while Nestle adopts the acquisition method will be "Purina", "Kang Lok", nationalized its. At the same time, a variety of large and small international brands and joint ventures are also in. In the case of pet food market, domestic capital has also shifted to the field, and accounted for half of the market. The author interviewed the current development of China's domestic pet food production Enterprises "Shanghai FU Pui Pet Products Co., Ltd." 

General manager Wang Yuchun. According to him, because the import brand price is higher, while the pet food market is moving towards civilian, so the domestic brand market is gradually optimistic, especially those of high cost-effective, pet palatability of good domestic products. As a result, they produce "Aibei love shellfish" dog food, cat food in the market by the consumer's favorite, so that their total sales growth in two years to achieve a double breakthrough, the domestic pet food market as one of the first-tier well-known brands.